A Global Art Expression

For those interested in the details of how the project is expected to unfold, this section will give you a glimpse into the planning and activities that will occur.

Transportation/transit requirements for the project include three distinct aspects:

  • Collection and delivery of sand/soil samples from each of the nations, worldwide.
  • Transportation of the finished work from the assembly site to the place of its final unveiling and display
  • Delivery of the work collectively or distributively to the post-exhibition owners

Facilities required for the project consists of :

  • Staging/storage of the art materials an enclosed space of 3,600 sq. ft. for about 7 months during assembly
  • Temporary Production Space – 10,000 sq ft for 2 months to accommodate the entire layout and the execution of the design.

Production and planning steps for the process are:

  • Soil collection
  • Substrate and fresco materials and assembly.
  • Acquisition of GPS locating and communication devices for each piece to enable the future virtual re-assembly of the complete work from images of the distributed pieces.
  • Preparation of staff to coordinate all phases of production, display planning and publicity.
  • The finished and final production process of all 196 panels in one concentrated multi-week session.

Presentation and Exhibition will consist, in part, of:

  • Securing an unusually large exhibit space appropriate for viewing by the public.
  • Sourcing, planning, hosting, and promotion of a public unveiling and exhibition of the work;
  • Catalogue preparation and production;
  • Documentary film recording the creation of the work and evolution of the project

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