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Common Ground Patrons

Gary Simpson is preparing a very large multi-panel project known as Common Ground 191.. He will create 196 individual fresco panels, each 42” x 42” (approx.), prepared from a mixture of earth samples from the recognized countries in the United Nations. Soil gathering is well underway. Complete details and plans are available on request in a separate publication.

These panels are available for pre-production purchase, with several special considerations, as noted below.

Price for pre-sale: $6,400 each Payable at time of agreement to purchase. (Normal gallery price for this size panel is $7,000)

We offer our sincere appreciation to the following patrons of have
panels as part of this project...

Michael Summers ~ 2 panels

Stephen Kerce ~ 2 panels

Jim Peterson at Concrete Network ~ 1 panel

Dale Hobel & Dot Ford ~ 3% of panel

Your support is greatly appreciated!



Use of funds:   Funds received from pre-sale shall be applied only to the costs of the project.

Proxy Piece:   During production, participant may choose one of Gary’s frescoes (of like size) currently in his inventory as a temporary substitution of the final finished painting. This will later be exchanged for the Common Ground 191 piece.

Delivery:  Upon completion of anticipated exhibition (site to be named).

Selection:  First priority for advanced purchasers, in strict order by date of contribution.

Special Alternate Terms:

In the event a single company, nation, person or other entity purchases the entire finished installation, the purchaser shall have the option of either:

A: Selecting an alternate fresco panel from among the artist's inventory of completed works.
B: Applying the payment to a specially commissioned fresco.
C: A refund of $6,400 plus $600 as an additional expression of thanks for supporting the project.

Should the project, for unforeseen reasons, not run to completion, the Artist shall, at his option, offer the purchaser one of the following.

A: Selection of an alternate fresco panel from among the artist's inventory of completed works.
B: Apply the payment to a specially commissioned fresco.



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