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Transparency International - Corruption by Country/Territory, European Journal, 2014 Index of Economic Freedom

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08/03/11 Article in Huffington Post about Common Ground 191 project.

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05/18/11 See BBC's photo of Tahrir Square in Egypt during height of demonstrations

05/17/11 Posted Journal entries for Bhutan and Mauritania

05/17/11 Photos of soil at the Birthplace of Aphrodite (Venus) in Cyprus. View >

02/23/11 Collector Spotlight: Wossene Bowler, Ethiopia. Click here to view video

09/10/10 Added journal entries to Kazakhstan.

07/29/10 Added journal entries to Comoros and Madagascar

06/30/10 Equatorial Guinea was collected the week of 6/21/10. Click here for photos.

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10/22/09 More US soil needed-FORM provided here

10/19/09 Be sure to check out BBC's World Challenge

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Added photos to Trinidad and Tobago.
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06/05/09 Added Kiro Collections in the following countries: Burundi II, Democratic Republic of Congo II, Kenya II, Rwanda II, and Uganda II

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03/11/09 Washington DC soil submitted! Check out the photo here.

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